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Certificate of Insurance and Surety Bond – All licenses require current certificate of insurance on file at all times except Class H House Mover. (Information sheet available.) City of Great Bend surety bonds are required for Class G Demolition Contractor and Class H House Mover.

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Certificate Required: Certificates are required for all employees working for an electrical contractor, a mechanical contractor, plumbing contractor, gasfitting contractor, and water treating contractor, as well as, uncertified employers. Each employee is to complete a certificate application. Certificate fees are additional to licensing, plan review, and permit fees. (Separate applications and information sheet available. Testing may be required.
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Applications will be reviewed by Building Inspections. If additional information is needed, we will be in contact with you.

*Please Note: Submitting an application does not authorize work to begin. No work is to start until you have received an official contractor's license.

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